For use with industry-standard Centro-Matic automatic lubrication system

Lincoln SL-V XL High Output InjectorsLincoln SL-V XL High Output Injectors Description:

Though developed for heavy industry, the Lincoln SL-V XL High Output Injectors can be used in most applications where significant output per cycle is required. The SL-V XL offers all of the benefits of the SL-V, including a watertight clear, protective cap, visual bypass indicator and spectrum adjustment sleeves, and the SL-V XL’s patented design allows Centro-Matic systems to vent and injectors to reset many times faster, increasing system performance. The SL-V XL mounts in the same manifolds as Lincoln’s SL-V and SL-1 Injectors. Utilizing the SL-V XL makes it possible to reduce supply line diameter, which saves money on plumbing costs when designing a system.

Centro-Matic systems can be designed with air-operated, electric, manual or hydraulic pumps.


Two cross-ported SL-V XL injectors can deliver 22% more output than one standard high-output injector, plus installation is quicker and easier because of manifold mounting. Manifold mounting means greater flexibility because SL-V XL injectors can be installed along with, or in place of, SL-1 and SL-V injectors. This flexibility gives the user a choice to upgrade their systems all at once or
as individual injectors are replaced.

Additionally, the output of one SL-V XL injector is more than three times than that of a single standard injector, significantly reducing system and inventory costs.
Users also have an alternative to costly dual-line systems. Having more output (up to .305 in3/stroke), faster venting, and higher operating pressures, the SL-V XL performs like a dual-line system but with much less installation cost. Dual-line systems can utilize longer supply lines but have greater installation costs due to increased material and labor.

The Lincoln SL-V XL High Output Injectors vent as much as 80 times faster than other standard high-output injectors. It has a maximum operating pressure of 6,000 psi and vents at 1,000 psi allowing for less time between lube events. Standard injectors have a maximum pressure of 3,500 psi and vent at 600 psi. With the new, patented SL-V XL injector, using thicker grease, running longer or smaller supply lines, and eliminating grease change-outs in cold weather means increased performance with less cost.

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Increase Your System’s Performance With Patented SL-V Technology

Visual Bypass Indicator
The visual bypass indicator alerts maintenance personnel when an internal seal is failing and needs replacement, saving costs and expensive downtime.

Clear Polycarbonate Protective Cap
The water-tight, clear polycarbonate cap on the SL-V XL injector is O-ring sealed, UV resistant, and keeps abrasive dirt and dust away from the cycle pin indicator while allowing a fast confirmation of injector performance.

Use Thicker Lubricants
Higher viscosity lubricants are almost always preferred for lubrication systems. Thicker greases stay in bearings longer and provide better protection against debris and washout. The SL-V XL has a 6,000 psi pressure capability and vents at 1,000 psi allowing higher viscosity lubricants to be used.

Run Longer Supply Lines
The longer the supply line, the longer it takes the supply line pressure to vent, which potentially increases the minimum time between lube events. The SL-V’s superior venting capability performs as well as dual-line systems with reduced plumbing cost.

100% Compatibility with the SL-1 and SL-V Injectors
All SL-V, SL-V XL and SL-1 injectors can be mounted in the same manifold. This means substantial cost and time savings because special mounting hardware (clamps, brackets, and fittings) and additional plumbing labor are no longer needed for large lubrication applications.

Lincoln SL-V XL High Output Injectors

Because the SL-V XL is a high-output injector, six new color-coded Spectrum Adjustment Sleeves have been added to the four standard sleeves available with the SL-V injector. These additional sleeves allow users to precisely set injector output for each lube event.

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