Lincoln SL-11 InjectorsLincoln SL-11 Injectors Description:

When you need single-line highpressure central lubrication, Lincoln’s Centro- Matic® Automated Lubrication System and Lincoln SL-11 Injectors are the answer.

And now the SL-11 is better than ever. Redesigned to last longer, it not only does the same great job, it extends the life of your machinery even more than it did before. The reservoir works with both hydraulic and air pumps.

  • For single-line, high-pressure central lubrication system.
  • For dispensing lubricants compatible with flouroelastomer packings and viscosity up to NLGI No. 2.
  • Output is externally adjustable.
  • Indicator stem permits visual check of injector operation.
  • May be combined in a circuit of injectors SL-32, SL-33, SL-V, SL-V XL and/or SL-1.
  • Available only as single unit with ½” NPTF Female inlet.


  • Dispenses lubricants up to NLGI #2
  • Externally adjustable output
  • Indicator stem allows visual check of injector operation
  • May be combined in a circuit of injectors (with SL-32, SL-33 and/or SL-1)
  • Works up to 3,500 psi
  • Tested up to 200,000 cycles without a failure
Lincoln SL-11 Injectors


  • Injectors have flouroelastomer packings. Check packing compatibility with synthetic lubricants.
  • Injector rated for 350°F (176°C) max. ambient temperature.
  • Injectors supplied with fitting for filling feed line via alternate outlet port.
  • Output with adjustment screw hand-tightened is .05 cu. in. Maximum output is achieved with 11½ turns at .040 cu. in./turn

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