A package featuring the Lincoln 4475 single stroke pump for fast, reliable transfers.

Package Information:

With the Lincoln Portable Oil Rider Model 4481 Tank Pump and Meter package, you no longer have to stretch your budget for air-operated pumps that are “overkill” and overpriced, or settle for manual pumps for light fluid transfer applications. This air-operated metallic positive displacement piston pump transfers and dispenses low to medium viscosity fluids such as motor oil, transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluid. The positive displacement alternative to other low cost pump technologies lets you control the flow rate for clean, direct transfer operations as well as applications using meters for precise volume dispensing. The Lincoln Portable Oil Rider package includes the 4475 pump, 28-gallon high-strength polyethylene tank, 10′ hose and electronic meter.

  • Quick, reliable vehicle service fluid transfer with Lincoln’s 4475 single stroke pump.
  • Accurate, dependable fluid measurement and dispensing with Lincoln’s precise and rugged 952 oval gear electronic meter.
  • Services 20 or more cars with the high-capacity 28-gallon tank.
  • Easy to maneuver around the shop with baffled tank mounted on large pneumatic wheels.
  • Helps protect vehicle finish when working in tight spaces with the strong, yet light-weight polyethylene tank.
  • Store the 10′ hose and meter safely out of the way on molded brackets.
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Lincoln Portable Oil Rider

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