Lincoln’s line of PMV Lubrication Pumps

System Description:

Featuring a unique, modular design, Lincoln PMV Pumps provide exceptional performance, long service life and low cost of ownership. Offered in 3-inch and 4.25-inch diameters, the PMV Pumps are available in oil and grease models for stationary installations, as well as portable applications. The PMV line combines decades of Lincoln design leadership with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to offer a superior pump with distinct advantages.

Features & Benefits:

Air Valve Assembly

  • Proven design based on the PowerMaster III air logic pump technology
    – More than 25 years of precision pump engineering ensures dependable, quiet performance
  • Modular, fastened by four bolts
    – Quick and easy to maintain throughout the service life of the pump
  • Precision machined and made from aircraft aluminum
    – Precise, durable and less susceptible to temperature than plastic spools
  • Runs without external lubrication
    – Reduces cost of ownership
  • No springs, rods, levers or slides
    – Fewer parts to wear out, increasing durability, decreasing repair cost
  • Designed to work in a contaminated air supply
    – Airline filters that have not been drained will not affect the air motor’s performance

Air Cylinder

  • One-piece cylinder casting contains all ports and passages
    – Simplifies repairs
  • One-piece piston
    – No connection to any rods, spools, springs or poppets reduces premature mechanical failures, simplifies repairs
  • One o-ring on the piston
    – Reduces leak paths, improves durability

Pump Tube

  • One-piece, machined gland nut
    – Easy to maintain over the life of the pump
  • Divorced pump tube and air motor seal
    – Air motor seal is a separate o-ring which reduces the chance of contamination in the motor

Pump Seals

  • Made from durable polyurethane
    – Compatible with a wide range of natural and synthetic lubricants

Pump Rod

  • Hard-chrome plated
    – Allows for superior sealing which extends the life of the rod

Lincoln PMV Pumps

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