Lincoln…the brand the pros demand for quality lubrication tools.

Lincoln Hand Held Grease Guns

Lincoln Hand Held Grease Guns

For more than 90 years, the industry has recognized Lincoln as the leader in professional lubrication tools. Automotive, agricultural, and industrial mechanics depend on Lincoln tools for their livelihood. Lincoln grease guns offer a lifetime of performance and are backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.  Explore a variety of styles including Pneumatic, Clear Tube, Manual and Heavy Duty.

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Pneumatic Grease Guns

Improve productivity with these powerful, fully automatic air-powered grease guns. These guns feature the same attention to performance as our manual grease guns but are designed for continuous operation, powered by your shop’s air supply.

Pump Ratio: 40:1 at 150 psi
Max. Grease Pressure: 6,000 psi (414 bar)
Air Pressure Range: 40-150 psi (2.8 – 10.3 bar)
Weight: 5.375 lbs. (2.4 kg)

Premium Clear Grease Guns

Different equipment, machines, bearing types and vehicles require different types of grease. Proper identification of the grease once installed in a grease gun can be challenging. Lincoln’s clear tube allows for quick grease identification eliminating the risk of mixing incompatible or unspecified greases.

  • Lincoln’s line of Clear Grease Guns allows for 100 percent positive grease-type identification enabling:
  • Positive grease type identification (bulk or cartridge)
  • Visual confirmation of quantity of grease remaining in tube (bulk)
  • Visual confirmation of air pockets eliminating the loss of prime (bulk)
  • Visual confirmation of grease separation or contamination (bulk)
  • Perfect concentricity and resilience eliminates bypass (bulk or cartridge)
  • Visual recognition of grease brand promotes quality of shop (cartridges)

Manual Grease Guns

The first choice of top mechanics and industrial maintenance professionals everywhere. These guns are designed for rough treatment on the job with a cast iron pump heads, precision fit plungers and extra heavy follower springs. The exclusive “flipover” follower provides a superior seal, allowing them to be easily loaded by suction, filler pump or cartridge. With lever and pistol grip versions and numerous additional options, Lincoln grease guns are the obvious choice.

Heavy-Duty Grease Guns

These models have the same great features as the manual grease guns with added capabilities like dual pressure (for either high-output or high-pressure jobs), plated gun barrels, and capacities up to 21 oz. when bulk filled.

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