Nozzles Extensions Assemblies & More

A wide range of Lincoln Accessories are available including nozzles, rigid extensions, flexible extension, swivels, shroud protectors and everything else you may need for your Lincoln lubrication systems.

Model 93547 Nozzle
1/4″ NPT(F) inlet automatic non-drip nozzle with manual closure feature.

Model 93548 Nozzle
Same as 93547 with 1/2″ NPT(m) inlet.

Model 84799 Nozzle
Packaged version of 93547.

Model 85799 Nozzle
Same as 84799 with 1/2″ NPT (f) inlet.

Model 91392 Nozzle
1/2″ NPT(f), manual non-drip nozzle.

Model 82258 Assembly
1/2″ x 1/4″ NPT(m), 10″ hose 91241 and nozzle 93547.

Model 260379
Rigid extension outlet with patented 45° swivel for versatile fluid dispensing. Note: Only fits models 977 and 978.

Model 260380
Flexible extension with non-drip valve for fluid dispensing in hard to reach areas. Note: Only fits models 977 and 978.

Model 260381
Rigid extension with non-drip valve. Note: Only fits models 977 and 978.

Colored Swivel Guards
Attach these flexible swivel guards to separate meters to differentiate between fluids. Available in red, black, blue, yellow and green.

Model 242911 Shroud Protector
Universal shock protector for all 31/2″ diameter Lincoln electronic lube meters. Heavy-duty rubber cover fits easily over meter face. Order as separate accessory.

Model 90464 Swivel
Straight oil meter swivel, 1/2″NPT(m) x 1/2″NPT(f). 1000 psi (68 bar) maximum working pressure.

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