Lincoln’s Value Series 40:1 Pump provides professional quality lubrication at an affordable price

Lincoln 40:1 Grease PumpSystem Description:

Developed for portable, medium- to light-duty chassis lubrication, the Lincoln 40:1 Grease Pump is ideal for small garages, farmers, oil distributors and jobbers, shop owners and auto dealers. The pump features a proven valved-piston design, simple grease plunger/bushing, control valve, universal swivel and easy, one-hand operation. Built for durability and reliability, the 40:1 Pump can reduce overall lubrication costs by allowing the purchase of grease in bulk. (Models 4417, 4459 and 4489)

Features & Benefits:

Air Valve Assembly

  • Proven design based on the PowerMaster III air logic pump technology
    – More than 25 years of precision pump engineering ensures dependable, quiet performance
  • Modular, fastened by four bolts
    – Quick and easy to maintain throughout the service life of the pump
  • Precision machined and made from aircraft aluminum
    – Precise, durable and less susceptible to temperature than plastic spools
  • Runs without external lubrication
    – Reduces cost of ownership
  • No springs, rods, levers or slides
    – Fewer parts to wear out, increasing durability, decreasing repair cost
  • Designed to work in a contaminated air supply
    – Airline filters that have not been drained will not affect the air motor’s performance

Air Cylinder

  • One-piece cylinder casting contains all ports and passages
    – Simplifies repairs
  • One-piece piston
    – No connection to any rods, spools, springs or poppets reduces premature mechanical failures, simplifies repairs
  • One o-ring on the piston
    – Reduces leak paths, improves durability

Pump Tube

  • One-piece, machined gland nut
    – Easy to maintain over the life of the pump
  • Divorced pump tube and air motor seal
    – Air motor seal is a separate o-ring which reduces the chance of contamination in the motor

Pump Seals

  • Made from durable polyurethane
    – Compatible with a wide range of natural and synthetic lubricants

Pump Rod

  • Hard-chrome plated
    – Allows for superior sealing which extends the life of the rod
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