Low-Cost Model 85535Is Flexible, Rugged

Lincoln 24 Volt DC ALS Controller

The Lincoln 24 Volt DC Controller is a rugged, low cost, fully programmable 24 Volt DC Automated Lubrication System Controller.

And that means the Centro-Matic® system on your expensive off-highway mobile equipment has a microprocessor “brain” and supply-line monitor that:

  • Controls the intervals between lube cycle
  • Controls how long the lube system is energized and monitors supply line pressure to insure a lube cycle takes place
  • Shuts the system down and sends an alarm signal if it fails to detect a lube cycle
  • Offers a wide range of lube cycle and feedback monitoring options

Perfect for the wheel loaders and excavators used in mining and construction, the new Lincoln 24 Volt DC Controller works in a wide temperature range (-13°F/-25°C to 150°F/65°C) and is protected by a NEMA 12-rated enclosure. Its low-level feature indicates when it’s time to refill the reservoir, there’s a manual button to override the program and start an immediate lube cycle, and a “memory” option can be set so the controller starts the system with a lube cycle when it’s turned off and on. The controller has internal terminal connections to reduce the risk of short circuits.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible programming for high/low volume, large/small systems
  • NEMA 12-rated; works in rugged environments
  • Supply line monitoring shuts down system, sends alarm if lube cycle not completed
  • Low-level monitoring feature
  • Manual override button for immediate lube cycle
  • Memory option starts system with/without lube cycle
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Specifications for Inventoried Models
Off Time (cycle time) Min.: 30 seconds
Max.: 30 hours
On Time (pumping/alarm time) Min.: 30 seconds
Max.: 2 minutes
Power Requirements 21-30 DC 100 MA (less load)
Switch Capacity Load Relay:
(Inductive load @ 30 VDC)
2 amps
Alarm Relay: 2 amps
Protection NEMA 12
Operating Temperature Range -13°F to 150°F -25°C to 65°C

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