Microprocessor-Controlled Unit Outperforms Timers

Lincoln 120 Volt AC ControllerSystem Description:

Lincoln Industrial has introduced a 120-Volt AC controller with microprocessor “brains” for its reliable Centro-Matic systems. The result is effective and economical automated lubrication system control and supply line monitoring.

The fully-programmable 120-Volt AC Automated Lubrication System Controller is easier to set, adjust and maintain than the electromechanical timers it replaces. And it offers a wide range of lube cycle and feedback monitoring options—for about the same cost as many simple on/off timers.

The new controller has a much wider off-time range than timers. It also features an adjustable pressure switch (280-3000 PSI) instead of fixed settings, plus a new memory switch which turns the pre-lube option on or off. The controller is perfect for mid-sized lubrication systems.

Applications for the new 120 VAC include Centro-Matic automated lubrication systems for machinery used in paper converting, metal die casting, mineral processing, the beverage industry and more.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide selection of programmed lube intervals (30 secs. to 30 mins.)
    allows high or low lube frequency
  • Pumping/alarm time settings are selectable for large or small systems
  • NEMA 12 enclosure for rugged performance
  • Supply line monitoring ensures lube cycle completion
  • Automatic system shutdown and alarm signal if lube cycle not completed
  • Low-level feature lets you know when to refill
  • Manual push-button over-ride for immediate lube cycle
  • Memory option to program start-up with or without pre-lube cycle
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Built To Impress!

It’s Tough

The 120-Volt AC Automated Lubrication System Controllers NEMA12 enclosure is rugged and durable, built strong to protect the controller from harsh environments, temperatures and rough handling.

It’s Flexible

You can adjust for high or low volume lubrication, large or small systems. Amemory option lets you trigger a lube cycle every time the controller is turned on. And a manual push button allows for immediate lubrication.

It’s Fully Automatic

The controller displays each lube cycle. It shuts down the system if a lube cycle isn’t completed and sends an alarm signal. The low-level feature tells you when it’s time to refill the lubricant.

The new AC controller will be standard on the following Centro-Matic models:

  • 1835, 1848, 1849, 201849

It will also be available as a “stand alone” model for component upgrades or new systems:

  • Model number 85520 replaces the 83104 Timer Assembly
  • Model number 85525 replaces the 83820 Controller (Timer Assembly & Pressure Switch).

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