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Fast Fuel

Completely redesigned for improved performance and maintainability!

Wiggins ZZ9A1 Refueling Nozzle


Flow Rate 25 to 150 GPM
Pressure Drop 17 PSI @125 GPM
Operating Pressure 25* to 125 PSIG
Weight 5.5 lbs.

* The system will function below 25 PSIG. However, you may not achieve 150 GPM.

Improved valves, materials, and actuating mechanisms deliver increased durability and flow performance. The most welcome new feature, field maintainability, will keep your Wiggins Refueling Nozzles on the job site for quick and easy upkeep as needed. Lightweight, tough, easy to care for, these nozzles are ready to keep your fleet fueled and on the go!

Aerospace composites and precision cast aluminum are at the heart of this simple design!

Our new nozzle contains fewer than half the components of its predecessor.
We have replaced the delicate diaphragm with a heavy duty piston seal.
Injection molding and die casting produces superior quality to you at a lower cost.

Mates with your existing Wiggins system!

Simply change out your ZZ9A nozzle with the ZZ9A1 and you are ready to take advantage of its many improvements with no capital investment.

Field replaceable components allow you greater availability:

Dog-latching mechanism
Actuating ring mechanism
Wiper seal
Carrying handle