Lubrication Equipment


Centro-Matic® Automated Systems

Microprocessor-Controlled Unit Outperforms Timers

Lincoln Industrial has introduced a 120-Volt AC controller with microprocessor “brains” for its reliable Centro-Matic systems. The result is effective and economical automated lubrication system control and supply line monitoring.

The fully-programmable 120-Volt AC Automated Lubrication System Controller is easier to set, adjust and maintain than the electromechanical timers it replaces. And it offers a wide range of lube cycle and feedback monitoring options—for about the same cost as many simple on/off timers.

The new controller has a much wider off-time range than timers. It also features an adjustable pressure switch (280-3000 PSI) instead of fixed settings, plus a new memory switch which turns the pre-lube option on or off. The controller is perfect for mid-sized lubrication systems.

Applications for the new 120 VAC include Centro-Matic automated lubrication systems for machinery used in paper converting, metal die casting, mineral processing, the beverage industry and more.


The controller has these impressive features:

It’s Tough -
NEMA12 enclosures protect the controller from harsh environments and temperatures.

It’s Flexible -
You can adjust for high or low volume lubrication, large or small systems. Amemory option lets you trigger a lube cycle every time the
controller is turned on. And a manual push button allows for immediate lubrication.

It’s Fully Automatic -
The controller displays each lube cycle. It shuts down the system if a lube cycle isn’t completed and sends an alarm signal. The low-level feature tells you when it’s time to refill the lubricant.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide selection of programmed lube intervals (30 secs. to 30 mins.)
    allows high or low lube frequency
  • Pumping/alarm time settings are selectable for large or small systems
  • NEMA 12 enclosure for rugged performance
  • Supply line monitoring ensures lube cycle completion
  • Automatic system shutdown and alarm signal if lube cycle not completed
  • Low-level feature lets you know when to refill
  • Manual push-button over-ride for immediate lube cycle
  • Memory option to program start-up with or without pre-lube cycle



The new AC controller will be standard on the following Centro-Matic models:

1835, 1848, 1849, 201849

It will also be available as a “stand alone” model for component upgrades or new systems:

Model number 85520 replaces
the 83104 Timer Assembly

Model number 85525 replaces
the 83820 Controller
(Timer Assembly & Pressure Switch).