Lubrication Equipment


Centro-Matic® Integrated Pumps

Realize The Benefits Of Automated Lubrication

Reduced downtime, higher productivity, a safer working environment – all the results of improved lubrication. Because automated systems dispense small amounts of lubricant to each bearing more frequently, they eliminate the damaging results of over- and under-lubrication so common with manual lubrication practices.

Count on Quality

Lincoln Industrial’s Centro-Matic system is the industry leader in performance and quality. As the system is pressurized, the injectors simultaneously lubricate each point with the exact amount of either grease or oil. Single-line Centro-Matic systems are flexible, allowing you to easily add or delete lubrication points as needed.

Injector Quality

All of Lincoln Industrial’s quality injectors are compatible with the new integrated pump stations. Time-tested SL series injectorshave been proven to last at least twice as long as most other comparable injectors (1998 independent laboratory test results available on request). Injectors are available in carbon steel or stainless steel to meet the rigors of any operating environment.

Easy to Choose – Easy to Use!


Instead of separately selecting, purchasing, wiring and mounting a pump, timer/controller and solenoid valve, you can choose an integrated pump with just the right voltage, output and reservoir size for your job.

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Eliminate Complex and Costly PLC Controls

The integrated solid-state system control eliminates the need to use programmable logic control (PLC) input and output connections. You can choose from simple “timer mode” to control on/off cycles with no monitoring, or you can choose to detect the lubricant reservoir level and/or supply line pressure (additional components required) to monitor system performance. Included external alarm contacts let you signal alarm conditions at a remote location.

Faster Installation

New integrated Centro-Matic pumps mean you mount and assemble fewer components. Installation time is reduced by as much as 70% when compared to a pump with separate controls.